Veganmania 2016 @ MQ in Vienna

Hello 😀 I welcome you to my blogpost about my impressions and experiences at VEGANMANIA 2016 in Vienna 😀 The one and only 4-day vegan spring/summer festival with great stands, music, delicious vegan food and many products and brand. And great weather of course! The best about it – FREE ENTRY & OPEN-AIR 😉 A place you meet likeminded people – some you already know and also new ones – as well as people who accidentally visit this festival and get interested in veganism. In any way – a wonderful time and event! I already visited this event last year for the 1st time ever (LINK to last year´s impressions) so it was my 1st anniversary (and also the 1st anniversary of my meeting with my friend and also-vegan Victoria <3). The event itself took place for the 19th time now… that´s pretty impressive, huh?! 😉 It´s all about veganism, ethic background, environment, philosophy, animal rights, fairtrade, health and green, organic lifestyle! Many stands, restaurants, brands, organizations, institutions, an so on take party and every year there is more to discover and always new things to try. And like last year – I enjoyed it quite much. It´s a big get together of people from different cities and counties. Many visitors and much celebration of vegan lifestyle.

This year I went there for ALL 4 days to make sure I´m able to try as much as possible and have a great time 😀 I met many people I already knew and I also got to know new peps! I “worked” there as a “helping hand” at VGÖ/Vegan.AT/’Tombola’ Stand (Prize Draw Stand) every day to get involved 😀 It was my wish to be able to help and support the things I represent – my vegan, sustainable lifestyle. On Wednesday and Friday I was there 1/2 of the day and Thursday and Saturday almost the whole day from 9:30 am to 7 or 8 pm. During that period of time all volunteers got luncheon vouchers for some food stands (perks as well as meals for free) and free drinks. The culinarily aspect of my time working there wasn´t the worst I must confess. Of course it was tough at times bc of the heat. It was super sunny and very hot – summer is coming – but in my view it wasn´t as hot as last year! Nevertheless I enjoyed every single minute helping bc the time went by like … I really can´t believe it´s already over. It was really much fun and I feel honored that I was able to attend 😀

Opening Hours : 

Joya – free samples
  • Wed., 2-10 pm
  • Thur., 10 am -10 pm
  • Fri., 10 am -10 pm
  • Sat., 10 am -6 pm
VGÖ Stand – Information about veganism & co.

Many people visited the festival area and enjoyed the weather having a great time 😀 But sometimes it was just too much for me! Too many people, too hot and too much to see.  There was such a variety of different food stands – no matter if vegan “fast food”, Indian dishes, Italian meals or raw options and desserts – and many stands where you were able to buy things like clothes, shoes, accessories, beauty and a lot other products 🙂 all fair, organic animal-cruelty free and vegan of course. At the ‘Prize Draw’ stand you were also able to win something 😀 1 € per ticket and very nice prizes 😀

For those who like music – there was also a great festival atmosphere thanks to some music 😉 DJ´s and bands made the party the best ever 😀


Let´s talk about each day and my impressions 😉 :

Wednesday – DAY 1 … My #RaWednesday 

The 1st day of Veganmania was my #rawvegan day so I checked out raw, gluten free food 😉 At first I thought that it might be quite difficult but it wasn’t at all 😀

Simply Raw Bakery – raw, organic, glutenfree and no bad sugars! 😀 And gorgeous treats ❤ 

Before I started my shift as helping hand I got myself some food at SIMPLY RAW BAKERY – a shop I always wanted to try in Vienna but never got the chance until now. And it was the right time. They offered a nice range of smoothies, sweet treats and also something “main” and after my visit at their stand I´m totally in the mood to also check out the shop too bc it was super delicious. I had the Veg Wrap with Peanut Sauce (like a summer roll but a wrap; wrapped in rice paper … yes, simply rice paper rolls turned into a wrap 😉 for me it´s quite the same), a Green Smoothie, Strawberry-Coco Chia Pudding and last but not least- the Soft Brownie. Everything was super delicate… but the brownie! OMG, this little choc heaven totally blew my mind. 😀

Wrap, Chia Pudding, Smoothie & Brownie – perfect treat for Day 1 😀

I decided to buy it again during the upcoming days bc it honestly was one of the best raw vegan desserts I´ve ever had! Then I also had a freshly squeezed juice from HELLO JUICE at their fruitylicious stand 😉

My 1st shift was super fun and interesting. Ever now and then some people I knew came over to say hello 😀 And I also met new vegans and also non-vegans. In generell the whole atmosphere was super positive and everyone was openminded and interested in the topics. It feels great to talk about the topics I´m interested in and to represent the vegan lifestyle 😀 I also learned a lot new things during the time I was at the info stand and I got a few new books and information material 😀

Veganz, Deli Dip, Urkornhof & Provamel @ Veganmania 😀 with free samples and products to try and buy 😀 sweet treats like chocolate, cookies, gummy bears and fruit bars,… for little cravings 😀 or do you want to try hummus or guacamole? How about trying dairy free milk like almond, rice-coconut or rice-coco-pineapple for a little Pina Colada alternative? No matter what you desire – at Veganmania you get chances to try out 😀

Thursday – DAY 2 … Corpus Christi Day aka my 1st Veganmania Anniversary Day

One year ago on Corpus Christi Day it was my 1st time ever visiting Veganmania 😀 ->little reminder … I wrote about it last year (LINK) 😀 and therefore it was super special for me. I spent the whole day at the festival and met some friends and people 😀 Me and Victoria enjoyed the time a lot. We tried out a lot, got ourselves many free samples, enjoyed delicious food and sunny moments 😀 But we weren´t alone at all! The whole place was full of people willing to enjoy it too! Heat + many people isn´t always that fun especially bc you have to wait for some time until you get what you want but we made it anyway.


I worked at the ‘Prize Draw’ stand until noon time – I liked it quite a lot – and then Victoria came over and we enjoyed the lunch break together 😀 I ordered a big plate of Thali (2 kinds of curry, rice, salad & poppadum) and 1 Samosa with chili sauce for lunch at DHARAMSALA stand ❤ super delicious Indian food 😀 Afterwards we decided to have ice cream at, yes, VEGANISTA 😀 my very favorite ice cream, store in Vienna (LINK to my April blogpost… but I guess there will be a separate blogpost very soon) I chose to have Watermelon & Melissa ice cream and Victoria had Dolce Vita, a very special and sweet flavor 😀 (on Saturday I also bought myself the Veganista shirt by GARY MASH® ;)).


After my shift, at around 6 or 7 pm I also took the (last) chance and bought 2 slices of the famous brownies from NOM NOM BAKERY 😀 chocolaty and soft ❤ It was the final chance for me bc they offered their products on Wednesday and Thursday only at the festival 😀 but I didn´t forget about it! Also bc their stand was alongside the ‘Prize Draw’ 😀

And, like I already mentioned before, I got my beloved brownies from SIMPLY RAW BAKERY again + 2 cookies 😀 I was able to resist ❤

Vegan Energy Austria – Vegamino ❤ with the very best “Almkuchen” ❤ tried it at the Vegan Easter Market for the 1st time and since then I´m a big lover 😀 I bought some little treats ❤

Friday – DAY 3 … #Friyay @ Veganmania

On the 3rd day of Veganmania it was quite a stressful day for me 😛 having class at 9am (we actually met for a coffee date ;)) and right after the meeting I was off to the festival again 😀 I was helping there until 3pm at the information stand 😛 it was rather hot and I felt unwell (fun fact… or not fun to be honest: I was feeling sick the whole week since Monday! After Veganmania was over = on Sunday, I needed rest. And now, I´m sick! At least a bit.) so I had a bit of an headache. For lunch break I decided to have the glutenfree Chili Burrito at JENONNE , a company I already know for a while now and I´ve always loved their products and meals. This time they were only offering food at the food truck and no free samples (they have wonderful spreads and jams <3) and it was actually the first time ever that I tried a main dish. And I was super satisfied ❤ I was incredibly delicate and the perfect festival food.

For dessert I wanted to have ice cream…how about ZUCKERO (I wrote about the company in my April blogpost). They offered sugarfree and glutenfree options and I chose Kiwi & Peanut 🙂 refreshing treat on a hot day! Before I left again for my classes I took a little snack 2 GO with me – a piece of Raw Lemon-Ginger Cake (believe me or not – raw vegan, glutenfree, soyfree, sugarfree ❤ but tasty like cake heaven) from one of my favorite bakeries in Vienna … EASY GOING BAKERY ❤ Honestly, it was rather challenging to decide what I should order bc all the cakes, muffins, cinnamon buns, cupcakes and chia pudding cups looked very delicate and if I could, oh if I only could, I would have bought everything. But no! AnnaBelle told herself that she is just allowed to choose one thing (this might sounds like I´m restricting myself but it´s important to know what´s too much! also bc I knew that I´m going to eat other treat later on ;)). I was very satisfied with my choice but it was much too small portion for me.


I left earlier at school and made my way back to Veganmania to complete my last, short 30 minute shift of the day and then I was searching for glutenfree dinner (and I did some shopping but more about that later in this article). All I knew is that I absolutely wanted to order something at ROAD CRÊPE bc I wasn´t able to try anything at VEGANPLANET last year (I just made some pictures :/). You can´t believe what I found out! The crêpes they offer are…glutenfree ❤ I almost started to cry. Tears of joy! But no, that´s not all! They also had a main dish offer that blew my mind – Buckwheat Vegetable Stew with tabbouleh, fresh mint, hemp hearts, sweet potato, fresh coriander on top 😀 I needed to try it out! It was obvious! It tasted sooo very amazing ❤ I was in love with my dinner ❤ I ran around like a crazy gal and told everyone I met that I got my buckwheat at Veganmania. This is happiness…

Then, while enjoying my buckwheat, I met friends I know from Instagram ❤ and we spent some festival time together. Me, Slaveya, Marija and Sandra from @highcarbplantfood (more about her coming soon) 😀 and the #Friyay vibes 😀 while they had burgers and ice cream I wanted to have a dessert too 🙂 I got myself a slice of Raw Strawberry Poppy Cake from LOVELY FOOD 😀 and again it was difficult to decide! I guess I´ve made a wonderful choice bc it was extremely delicious 😀

At around 8 pm I left the festival area bc I was super tired and there was still one day ahead! The last day of Veganmania 😀

Companies presenting their products @ Veganmania – Libuni and their rice milk base and samples, Kochmarie offering free samples of sweet lupin seeds, GrünTeeHaus with their green tea products and Matcha Latte samples, 5 Jahreszeiten with their superfoods, My E. Bio and

Saturday – Day 4 … Weekend & Last Day

Weekend an the last day @ Veganmania … I spent the whole day at the festival … until the very end. It was the hottest day of all 4 and therefore it was quite exhausting. But it was fun anyway. I worked at the ‘Prize Draw’ almost the whole day and just made breaks to eat and make a few pictures. For lunch I decided to have Indian food again and therefore I checked out the 2nd Indian food stand – INDIAN VEGAN & VEGGIE DHABA 😀 I ordered a mixed plate/Thali incl. 2 kinds of curry, spinach dahl and Indian basmati rice.

Buckwheat Vegetable Stew & Sweet Crêpe with apple and pear compote 😀

Again I made a little stop at the ROAD CRÊPE food stand to get a crêpe. Finally. And I was super excited about it! I chose to have the Sweet Crepe with Apple & Pear Compote and topped w/ strawberry and orange slice 😀 pretty and delicate ❤ I really can´t wait to have the chance to try more of their creations. I´m really craving!!! Still.

I also had my dinner @ Veganmania and it was my last opportunity to try out 😀 I had a Soy Ragout with rice from NAPFÉNYES, an Hungarian restaurant and a Mango Lassi from DHARMSALA 😀 and chocolate coated grapes from QUEENIS 😀 I also bought myself some Spelt Pumpkin Seed Cake from my very favorite caterer COSITAS VEGANAS. I always loved to try their cakes and other free samples they offer at markets, festivals and fairs 😀

VEGanSTOSS – Pita Bread Pizza with smoked lecso and Nuhefesan (vegan nut-yeast parmesan) … shared it with a friend 😀

I also checked out the stands of some organizations like Animal Equality with their eye-opening video about the life of a pig. It´s cruel to see and I can really recommend to watch. It chances everything. There is always a whole new view things after all.

VGT, Vervet Monkey Foundation, Sea Shepherd, Happy Pigs & Friends, … to name a few organizations @ Veganmania

#busybee AnnaBelle stayed even longer to help bc it made feel super productive and it was wonderful to experience how it works. Especially having a clue how the vegan festival is coming to a close and how the deconstructions are working. After the festival all of us helping hands and volunteers got some leftovers from the ‘Prize Draw’ for free – and it was a lot 😛 I got tons of spreads, I got dairy free milk, organic cola, teas, … 😀 it wasn´t the most gainless of “jobs” I´ve ever done 😀 but that´s actually not the reason why I wanted to volunteer. It was the best way to promote my attitude to life, health, animals and the planet while meeting supporting and nice people 😀


Further impressions :

At most stands there were a lot free samples and things to try. For example dandelion honey or pickled radish at VEGanSTOSS, jam, birch water and cookies at BIRKENGOLD, meat and cheese alternatives at SOYANA and VEGGYSTAR/NUTRISUN, pesto, pasta and co. COSITAS VEGANAS and vegan Scrambled Eggs at MYEY.

Vegan and fair fashion and lifestyle inspirations @ Veganmania – thanks to MUSO KORONI, AVESU, NATURECRAFT for unique wooden jewellery and INVE with their cork products.


I already mentioned that I did some serious shopping at the GARY MASH® stand 😀 It´s our, my mum´s and my, favorite ❤ They offer wonderful fashion, bags, wallets and jewellery 😀 I bought myself 2 dresses and a necklace + a bag and stud earrings for my mum who wasn´t able to visit the festival herself 😀 If you looking for gorgeous clothing – you need to check them out 😀

Finally, here is the list of companies at the festival :

ADAMAH BioHofAnimal Equality InfostandAnimal Friends Croatiaanimal.fair – “Ethischer Einkaufsführer”arteFakt Österreich – Johann Stacherlavesu – vegane SchuheBernds Welt,

Bio Vegan Weingut Josef SalomonBirkengold GmbHBlüten Deva Raum und Chakra Spray`s, Cositas Veganasdeli dipDharamsalaEasy-going BakeryerdbeerwocheEspressomobil OG, Food Riot, FSFE – Free Software Foundation EuropeGARY MASH®Gelber Hund Austria / Canis et FelisGoldkehlchen CiderGoldwürze BIO-VEGAN-ROHGreat Ape ProjectGreenpeace, GrünTeeHaus, Happy Pigs & Friends“HELLO JUICE” – SaftbarHolzbaum VerlagI Love Veggie Burger, Indian Vegan & Veggie Dhaba, inve-vegan.atJENONNEJOY MadeJoya, Keimling NaturkostKerbler´s vegane Natursäfte, Kochmarie, Lemonaid Beverages GmbH, Libuni,

Little Rabbit CosmeticsLovely FoodLoving Hut FavoritenMAKAM NATURKOSTMANA – ApfelweinMarzipan-Ateliermuso koroniMY E Bio und By Dr E ProdukteMyEy – der Ei-ErsatzNapfényesNatureCraft – Handcrafted Jewellery,

Naturidyll HotelsNeugeistNomNom vegan bakeryPeter´s LandProvamelPURE BIO ENERGY, Queenis Schokofrüchte, RINGANARistorante Fiore / Schirwani KGRoad CrêpeSea Shepherd Österreich – Verein zum Schutz des MeeresSimply Raw BakerySoyana Walter Dänzer e.K.THE VEGETARIAN BUTCHERTravel with Heart – nachhaltige und vegane Genussreisen mit dem gewissen Etwas!Urkornhof Kammerleithner GmbHveg-ruf-mobilVegan Energy AustriaVegane Gesellschaft Österreichveganepflege,

Veganista – Fitness Shop für vegane SportnahrungVEGanSTOSSVegan Travel – Vegane Flusskreuzfahrten und GruppenreisenVeganzVEGGYSTAR/NUTRISUNVerein RespekTiereVervet Monkey FoundationVGTVHS WienVleischpflanzerlvschmalz / vgut e.U.Weinbau FürnkranzZuckero5 Jahreszeiten

Well, that was my review and experiences/impressions @ Veganmania 😀 the best vegan festival 😀 I can´t wait for the next year! It´s going to be the 20th anniversary of this event ❤ I´m sure it will be as wonderful as always. Let´s celebrate life and veganism 😀



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  1. Katharina says:

    Ich freue mich voll dass du so extrem viele Fotos gemacht hast, so bin ich nicht ganz so traurig, dass ich nicht dort war :3


    1. Schade, dass du nicht da warst ! Es war total cool 😊

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