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Hey 😀 today it´s my blogpost about my favorite teas and brands. I´ve been thinking about writing this kind of article for quite a long time now. And now it was (finally; like always) time to upload 😀 To be honest – I´m not 100% satisfied with the result but at least I managed to write down a bit about one of my very favorite topics 😀 Tea. Let´s talk about tea. I drink tea. A lot. And I´m a passionate tea drinker. A tea lover. A teaholic. It´s some kind of “confessions of a teaholic”. Just like an ordinary shopaholic I, the teaholic gal I am, is absolutely addicted in buying tea (and drinking/enjoying! Of course.). No matter what kind of tea – I love it. Ok, yes there are some teas I hardly have – fruity teas for example – but basically there is nothing, no tea that is safe. I feel the need to have them. Fortunately the situation got a little better during the last few months and I´m under control by myself (otherwise it would be quite a bad thing for my budget! money, money, money… tea is not for free unless you make it yourself).

A little throwback btw … in April I celebrated tea every sunday bc it was my #TeaPancake month -> 4 themed/inspired creations made using tea instead of basic dairy free milk or water. I presented EARL GREY, CHINA GUNPOWDER, ROOIBOS & WHITE. Tea everywhere. When it comes to different sorts of tea I drink almost everything but some fruity teas not very often. No matter if green, red, black, white, spice, herbal, Ayurvedic, … you find all these in my stock. Of course there are some green teas like I better than other – same with black teas, … – that´s only natural. And let´s be honest: there´s such a huge range of different kinds and sorts of tea. It´s nearly impossible to like all and have all. I don´t know anyone owning that much. Not even me. 

But I´m picky. Yes, I am very picky. I don´t drink EVERY tea. I prefer a few brands and their products and basically I don’t buy or drink other teas. And some of them I want to share with you. My favorite brands… the brands I buy and recommend 😀 I care a lot about organic and healthy teas, fairtrade and quality and if you ask me… there are differences between ordinary, mainstream brands and my favorites (it´s my point of view). 

Wanna know my all-time favorite brands? I tell you 😀 :


Detox. Detox. Detox. I´m not a big detox maniac and I´m also not too crazy about detoxing but I love detox teas. A lot. I drink them like water. And my very favorite one is the one from PukkaHerbs 😀

PukkaHerbs and me. It´s the most romantic love story in the history of tea love. Once I discovered this organic brand – I don´t even remember where and when – and I immediately started to fall for it. I have lots of different flavors in my stock and if you ask me about my favorites it´s tricky for me to tell. Of course I do have some teas I drink more often than others, like the Detox tea, Night Time, After Dinner, … oh well I can´t stop! It really means that I´m not able to decide. The teas are all super delicious and high quality. They taste fine and I also adore the packages! I collect them to recycle. Yes, AnnaBelle, the crazy vegan, recycles all of her tea packages. What I do with them? I make little shelves, caskets, boxes, … to store stuff 😀 sweets, spices, … and also other things. Or I make greeting cards 😀 DIY 😉 Let´s agree – the packages are super lovely and tea tastes awesome 😀

Another I brand I adore and I use just like I do with the PukkaHerbs teas. I drink them like… and collect the packages to create boxes for my spices 😀 Cupper or Clipper Tea (the brand is called different depending on where you buy them and where you live but i´t the same) is another organic, high quality tea brand offering finest teas I´m obsessed with. I already many flavors and again I can’t decide what flavor I like best.

Rooibos pure & Rooibos Vanilla

When I have to name 1 organic brand I absolutely adore – it would be Sonnentor. Sonnentor everything. Basically bc I love and appreciate the philosophy behind this company. The background. The message. The products. I´m an addict to their product range. No matter if spices, sweets, teas, … I have a lot more Sonnentor products in my kitchen than from any other brand. It´s Austrian. It´s organic. And it´s fair. And that´s just how the stuff tastes – high quality.

Sonnentor store in Vienna 😀

I use everything Sonnentor offers. And I also like to learn more about the company and I like to get involved. Therefore I also applied for a little BLOGGER event. I wasn´t accepted but I received a super nice mail 😀 That´s what I like most. It still gets personal. If you visit a store you immediately feel home and it´s a great energy. And you´re able to taste the quality. Quality is not just a price! It´s the special taste and smell. In my view, organic teas and products are different. And I like to support this philosophy. The idea to make a change.

For Christmas I also had their Tea Advent Calendar and the Spice Advent Calendar 😀 I got a tea and spice everyday and some nice words in the little booklet. 🙂 Sonnentor also offers wonderful teas for special events, season, needs, … and charity projects. In every way – a company to support and recommend.


A classic brand, isn´t it. Everyone knows it. The brand with the cute teabags incl. wise words and mantras. Inspirations and motivational quotes. No matter if in German or English, the quotes are great. And the tea? Wonderful and aromatic. Rich in taste. Spicy and soft at the same time. I don´t a single person who never had a tea from Yogi tea 😀 the variety is again beyond huge (the variety of the brands I already mentioned is also … boom <3) and there is always a tea for every situation. The smell is always mind blowing and intense and so is also the taste. Don´t ask me about my favorites. Once again, and I will never be able to, I can´t decide. I just want to say to I like them. A lot.

Not everyone I know knows this brand. That´s pretty sad bc it´s such a wonderful one. With super lovely teas. Just as Cupper and PukkaHerbs it´s a british tea brand offering lovely organic, high quality teas. And this time I can also mention my favorite one 😀 It´s …



If you don´t know Tree Of Tea yet it´s time to change that. These high quality teas aren´t cheap (I admit; just like some other “popular” brands like Teatox and so on) but worth the money (at least in my view) bc they are really good. I learned about the company on the mymuesli homepage. The brand is quite new (founded in 2013 as far as I know) and they offer finest organic teas in little cans. And the sweet package and the nice homepage are not just empty promises! The teas taste wonderful. It´s all loose tea leaves and super intense in taste and smell.

Further Brands:







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    Ich bin dafür genau das Gegenteil von dir 🙂 Mir ist jeder Tee recht ^^


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