Mum´s Birthday in Vienna :D

Hello again 😀 Today, I´m telling you about a special event 😀 Last week on Thursday – it was my mum´s birthday 😀 and she came over to Vienna to celebrate with me 😀 I was super happy about it! We had the chance to spend time together, enjoy some spring vibes and delicous food 😀 I tried to make her feel great during that few days 😉 It´s always a pleasure to have her around and I´m also quite happy whenever she visits me bc we have so much fun!

Since she is got more and more interested in veganism I always tried to show her a few places in Vienna! She always asks me to 😉 During the last few months she also got vegan/beegan (I already announced this a few weeks ago ;)) and feels super amazing! It´s such an honor that I inspired her. Step by step I introduced her to “my food world and lifestyle decision” and finally… that´s life 😀 and it´s a great thing bc she is super passionate. She feels all that great healthy changes I experienced too 🙂 However, it simply makes me a happy lady and it´s fun to show her everything, to teach her things and to help her anytime she needs me 🙂

For her birthday stay I also wanted her to have super inspiring and most of all delicate time 😀 So we enjoyed the most amazing stuff during that short period of time …

Pre-Birthday Time:

2 days before her birthday, on Tuesday evening, she arrived at the train station in Vienna and I went there to pick her up after school 😀 It was just a lazy evening. Nothing special.

Then – On Wednesday, it was my day-off from school so I was able to spend time with her :D, we enjoyed the great, sunny weather in the city! It was really super duper sunny, the air was nice … and we went for lunch at DANCING SHIVA SUPERFOODS 😀 #rawvegan for it was #RaWednesday for me 😉 We already visited this place a few times and she always liked it a lot 😀 What we ate? She ate a Red Thai Curry with rice and moi … I had the Raw Green Wrap (spirulina wrap, avocado, root power veggies, salad, sprouts, bell pepper dip) ❤ grrrreen and yum 😀 + a Matcha Latte (made with almond milk) for dessert 😀 It was incredibly delicate as always 😀 We simply had a relaxed and nice time 😀 We sat outside, ate our lunch, and relaxed 😀

 During the afternoon time, we walked though the inner city, visited some places, … normal stuff 😉 and we made a quick stop at MARAN VEGAN 😀 I had to buy something at the store and in the meantime – mum enjoyed a cup of coffee and a sweat treat 😀 In the evening we met a friends for a little meeting 😀

Her Birthday:

On Thursday it was time. Mum´s birthday 😀 I had to get up quite early bc I had school at 9 am that day and I wanted to do my exercise before breakfast 😀 But I made breakfast for me and mum 😀 We had ALMOND OVERNIGHT OATS JAR topped w/ Soy Almond yogurt, roasted almond flakes and some overnight almonds 🙂 Yep, I prepared it the night before and made it look super pretty 😀 And it also tasted incredibly delish 😀 together with big cup of the finest coffee for both of us it was super nice start into that day 😀

I had school until about 1pm so we met in the city for her b-day lunch 😀 We visited VLAIRE UISINE, a vegan/vegetarian restaurant offering asian/taiwanese cuisine 😀 In just a few words : IT WAS SUPER FINE! The dishes were extremely delicate 😀 We both had Miso Soup, following by 1 Summer Roll with Peanut Sauce for each one of us 😀 Our main dishes – “Dou fou shi shu” (veg variation with rice) & “Jiròu lû gālí” (green curry with soy chicken, veg and rice) 😀 and mum also ordered a dessert – baked fruits 😉 I can also recommend the drinks! Mum enjoyed an asian beer and I had a mango iced tea cocktail and rose tea 😀

I can highly recommend this place! The food is delicious, the service is great and very kind and involved. Plus the interior is comfortable 😀

Afterwards, we also visited LOVELY (former RAW SHOP) 😀 to enjoy a Cashew Cheesecake and VEGANISTA for ice cream 😀 In the evening we just sat together, enjoyed tea and talked 😀 (in the afternoon I went to the hairdresser – but more about that in another blogpost soon :D)

…Well that´s it 😀 I guess! Oh, birthday present? I mixed muesli for her 😀 2 different ones + I bought her 1 muesli package at mymuesli 😀






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