Vegan Planet @MAK Vienna

Welcome to my blogpost and impressions about VEGAN PLANET fair in Vienna 😀 It´s a 3-day vegan lifestyle fair featuring many companies, brands and vegan food and products. It was held together with YOGA PLANET, the yoga fair 😀 It’s a great place to try some new things and meet other veggies and like minded people 😉 It´s also all about eating philosophy, animal rights, animal-cruelty free, health and plant-based lifestyle and gorgeous brands 😀 There were also live cooking and presentations taking place 😀

It had been my first time visiting this fair and I enjoyed it more than I could ever explain! Sadly, I wasn’t able to visit on Friday but I was there on Saturday and Sunday 😀 I also worked there as a volunteer/helping hand on both days and therefore I got free entry and loads of goodies and stuff for free in my goodie bag 😀 a win-win situation! I had the chance to enjoy as much as possible and experience a lot to write about 😀 I met very amazing people there and it was so much fun! I plan to visit and work at the fair again next year bc it has been an honor to me 😀

Let me show you some of my impressions and experiences 😀 on Saturday, I worked at the cloakroom from 11am to 2:30pm (before I handed out flyers in the streets ) and on Sunday as ticket taker from 1pm to 3pm 😀 it was quite stressful at moments but actually I enjoyed every second 😀 I’d love to do these things more often!!! Simply to connect and meet up with like-minded ones. The fair really made my weekend unique and positive 🙂

The Food

Luckily, I had the chance to try and eat a lot so that I can tell you quite a lot about it 😀

AnnaBelle’s Burgerrr Creation 😉
On Saturday, I had a vegan burger from I LOVE VEGGIE BURGER 😀 I was really curious to try it again for I also had on me at VEGANMANIA  in summer 🙂 again, I liked it a lot ❤ the greatest thing about it was that I had the chance to create my own burger 😀 by simply choosing bun, patty, sauce, toppings and optional side (I didn’t choose a side dish this time).

I also tried a vegan wrap from FREIRAUM DELI 😀 it was a rice paper wrap filled with veggies 😀 super fresh and delicious 😀 but so tiny 😉 I´d love to have more 😉


A beautiful wrap …
Of course, I also visited VEGANISTA at the fair – on both days! Since it’s my favorite ice cream shop I visit their stores as well as their booth at festivals and fairs a lot 😀 it’s the best vegan ice cream and always a huge inspiration to me to create my own (N)IceCream versions 😀 on Saturday, I chose Black Forrest and on Sunday : Taste of Christmas & Gingerbread 😀 oh, how I love all their wonderful tastes 😀 they offer a lot extraordinary flavors and all of them are heavenly ❤ If you ever visit Vienna – their store is must! No matter if you´re vegan or not! 😉

Black Forrest aka SchwarzwälderKirsch ❤

I’m a Veganista – Taste of Christmas & Gingerbread
But ice cream wasn´t my only sweet treat at the fair 😉 I tried loads of cookies, cake and other sweet things 😉 Too many things for to try out ! It all turned into a little binge 😉 little bit but definitely 😉
On Sunday, I nourished myself with a vegan organic kebab from MAKAM 🙂 and vegan baklava. 😀 really tasty indeed 😉 since my first vegan kebab in September I’m in the mood to try out more of these dishes 😀 and I was super curious about the baklava bc I’ve never eaten it ever before 😉 and now I know: it’s too sweet for me;) but it was worth a try!

For dinner, before leaving the fair, I ordered pita bread filled w/ hummus, seasonal veggies, cabbage and black olives 🙂 at RITA BRINGT‘S booth:) a very tiny stall at the fair with wonderful food 🙂 absolutely gorgeous and lovely! And it tasted all fresh and great!

Beautiful pita bread of mine 😀

At the booth of DANCING SHIVA SUPERFOODS I tried cake, cookies, …, and an homemade hemp blossom iced tea 🙂 super amazing! Best iced tea ever 😀 and sooo pretty  ! 😉

The iced tea tasted super fresh and natural and was perfect for me to refresh after Sunday lunch (kebab :D) 😀

At the fair

Further food impressions:

Deli Dip Hummus

Dried Fruits @ Lemberona booth 🙂 I bought physalis 😉 bc I love them ❤ soooo much 😉


Road Crêpe ❤

I also visited some of my favorite brands at the fair, for example: JOYA, OMI´S APFELSTRUDEL, PURE RAWLIBUNI, FEINSTOFF; and some new to me, like JENONNE. I did some shopping and had great talks with them 😀


Ich bin ein Glücksbringer



Finally, here is the list of companies at the Vegan Planet fair and some other photos I took 😀 

5 Jahreszeiten, AGAPE Catering, animal.fair, ,, Belorganic Naturprodukte, Biogast, Birkengold GmbH, Cocowell, Cositas Veganas, Dancing Shiva Superfoods, deli dip, Erdbeerwoche, Feinstoff, Free Fresh, Freiraum Coffeeshop Deli, Füllbar, Greenpeace, Happy Pigs & friends, I Love Veggie Burger, Indischer Kulturverein, Vegana Indiana, NomNom Vegan Bakery,  Integralbianco, Jaya, Jenonne, Joya, Keiko Shimodozono, Kissa Tea, Kremezzat GmbH, Lemberona, Verein Libuni, Lifecare Essentials, Loverope, Makam Naturkost, max and me, Naturella, nice to meet me . eco activewear, Omi’s Apfelstrudel, Pure Raw, Q! Resort Health & Spa Kitzbühel, Ringana, Rita bringt’s, Road Crêpe, Schalk Mühle, Sea Shepherd Österreich, Smoothie Republic,Verein Soja aus Österreich, Team, Veganista,Vegane Gesellschaft Österreich, Verein gegen Tierfabriken, Weinbau Fürnkranz, Weingut Salomon

Complete program on the VEGAN PLANET page 😀

GoodieBag with loads of amazing things 😀


“Go Vegan – Be A Hero” 😀

Last but not least – to sum up – the far itself was great! But of course it´s quite expensive! especially if you have to pay a ticket (12€)! But it´s worth it! Great experiences and much fun + great food 😀

C U again next year 😀 😉

Chai Latte for free 😀 with oat milk

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