Veganmania 2015 @ MQ in Vienna


Hello & Welcome to my impressions blog post about VEGANMANIA in Vienna 😀 It´s a 4-day vegan summer festival with music, vegan food and products. You can out some new things and meet other veggies 😉 It´s all about eating philosophy, animal rights, health and plant-based lifestyle 😀 It had been my first time visiting this amazing project and I enjoyed it a lot! Sadly I hadn´t much time so I was at the festival just for one day/afternoon but anyway, it was a great time and the weather was also fine (sunshine, veggie food and happiness… couldn´t ask for more 😀 ) I´m very S´sorry for sharing this post so late (I was there on Thursday and now it´s Sunday 😛 ) but I was quite busy attending the 1st Students- and Youth Theater Festival in Carinthia the last two days 😛 but now I´m back to write some stuff down on my blog again 😀

I arrived at the festival at about 11:30 am to meet a new friend of mine 😀 We planned to enjoy the afternoon together at the festival 😉 It was quite big for me! (I live in an area without this huge community – we don´t even have a vegan restaurant) My idea was to enjoy the day and try out some new things and I was damn excited about it 😀

For lunch I had a vegan burger and sweet potato fries by I LOVE VEGGIE BURGER 😀 I was really curious about it bc I never had a real vegan burger before and I also never tried sweet potatoes 😀 I liked it a lot ❤ It was very delicate 😀 But it was rather expensive (in fact, the festival itself was quite expensive! Quite little portions but not at all cheap … but at least it tasted awesome) 😀 It was pretty great to have the chance to create my own burger 😀 I hope it won´t be my last 😛 😀


Every bite I take <3
Every bite I take ❤
Creating my own burger
Creating my own burger


For dessert I made one of my long time dreams come true: Ice Cream from VEGANISTA ❤ I follow this company via social networks for quite a while now (btw they released a book lately about how to create ice cream easily at home) and I always got so curious to try their creations (basil, peanut butter, sesame, … here is their homepage if you want to take a look : ) This time I took the chance 😀 and ordered to of their special flavors (specials cost +30 cents extra … makes almost 2€ for a one scoop but the scoops are actually pretty huge!!! and the ice cream is … heavenly awesome!) – I had Strawberry Agave & Blueberry Lavender 🙂 truly the best ice cream I´ve ever got in a shop (and it´s vegan = perfect for little Annabelle) 😀 I can´t wait moving to Vienna to visit their shop often and I promise you : I will write a post about their flavors as soon as I get the chance to try some more 😉

I´m Veganista <3
I´m Veganista ❤
Strawberry Agave & Blueberry Lavender ❤


I also saw some of my favorite brands at the festival, for example: JOYA (they offered their milk products to try – I tried their new #glutenfree oat milk), OMI´S APFELSTRUDEL (with their delicate juice) & VEGA VITA (spreads & co; stay tuned – post about the company up soon).


I also tried CLUB-MATE COLA (it´s something like cola but it tastes much better :D)


At the tombola I also won something that made me smile : I got my very favorite cheese 😀 Cheddar Style by WILMERSBURGER.


Finally, here is the list of companies at the festival and some other photos I took 😀 I really had a great time with yummy food, sunshine, nice people and much fun 😀 Next year again 😀

Bernds Welt Bakery
Bernds Welt Bakery
Pirata Sushi
Pirata Sushi









List of companies at the festival:
Akshara Yoga Institut Austria, Animal Fair, Animal Friends Croatia, Avesu Vegan Shoes, B&B Bakery, Bernds Welt, Bio Vegan Versand, Birkengold, Dharmsala, Easy-going Bakery, Effective Altruism, Espressomobil, Gary Mash, Gelber Hund, Goldwürze Bio vegan, Great Ape Project, GrünTeeHaus, Happy Pigs & Friends, Helga, Holzbaum Verlag, I love Veggie Burger, Joya, Landia, Lovesign, Loving Hut, MAKAM Naturkost, Maran Vegan, Muso Koroni, My E. Bio, MyEy, Nutrisun, Omi’s Apfelstrudel, Pirata Sushi, Pizzeria Fiore, Pur Green, Rancho Alegre, Raw Shop, Road Crepe, Rohkost, Rupp’s, Sea Sheperd Österreich, Schnitte – vegane Naschereien, Shiatsu to go, Soyana, Tierparadies Schabenreith, Tierschutzombudsstelle, TR-Verein Respektiere, Vegane Gesellschaft Österreich,
Veganista, Veganmagazin, Veganz, Vegavita, Verein Donau Soja, Vitaseed Austria,
VGÖ – Vegane Gesellschaft Österreich, VGT – Verein gegen Tierfabriken, VHS, Weinbau Fürnkranz, Wildtierhilfe Wien & Zuckero.

Trying vegan Cashew Mozzarella at Soyana
Trying vegan Cashew Mozzarella at Soyana


About the Animal Milk Industry



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