Veggie Patties with Salad for lunch


Lunch time 😀 bc you can´t survive just having breakfast (if you don´t eat brekkie the whole day ;)) Found an old, beautiful wizened potato in my kitchen and thought “let´s have patties today” 😀 A few weeks ago I tried out Mel´s potato patty recipe and shared it immediatly on my blog 😀 it went very well though I actually used a chia egg instead 😛 Today, I added some courgette and carrot to my potato and decided to write a seperate post to show you my personal, vegan, recipe 😉 – VEGGIE PATTIES 😀 the original version of the recipe by Mel is linked in the bottom. It was again super tasty 😀 let´s face the fact, selfmade patties are best 😉

You need (for my portion) :


  • 1 uncooked big potato, pealed and grated (I like them old, wizened and very soft – they are best 😉 )
  • 1/3 courgette, grated
  • 1 small to medium carrot, grated
  • 1 chia egg (1 tbs chia seed + 3-4 tbs water)
  • Spices and herbs to season
  • Salad (I had lettuce)
  • Oil for the pan (coconut oil)

Start by prepring the chia egg and grating the food. After grating the veges and the potato, press out the water with your hands (or in a paper towel; anyway, it´s going to be a mess so be prepared 😉 ) Remove as much water as possible and add the chia egg and herbs & spices of choice (pepper, salt, thyme, lavender, rosemary, sage, basil, …) and stir very well (it´s not going to thicken that much and it is a very loose mush – don´t be irritated … it´s fine 😉 ) Now, heat up oil in a pan on medium heat, try to form patties, place them in the pan and fry them on both sides (it takes some time … 5-12 minutes … fry them till they are perfect for your individual taste 😉 ) For me they are totally ready when they are a bit brown 😉 – btw, I also fried a few slices of courgette bc I had some left 😉 In the meantime, prepare the salad and serve on a plate (you can season it too ). Finally, place the patties and veges in a paper towel to soak up the unnecessary fat (yes, I hate to much oil in my food! Sometimes, no most of the time, I eat my salad as raw as if I was a bunny 😉 and I like it 😉  ) before adding the food to the salad. Enjoy your dish ❤


Plain Potato Patties (made with 3-4 small potatoes I guess :P )
My Plain Potato Patties (made with 3-4 small potatoes I guess 😛 )

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