All about … (N)IceCream (Bowls) 

It´s no secret : AnnaBelle loves (N)IceCream a lot 😀 I really love to prepare this yummy goodie bc it´s not just a perfect desset, it´s also an incredible soulfood whenever you need a little motivation, inspiration or something to calm the nerves. Today I take the chance to talk about this easy & healthy deliciousness 😀 No matter what season is outside the window – frozen nana and frozen fruits are on my meal plan 😀

My interest started in summer last year while scrolling through Instagram 😀 I started following the first food and healthy lifestyle accounts (before it was more about ballet – it still is but now there´s 55% dance and 45% food). I spotted the recipe for something called “Bounty Bar Coconut Nicecream” on @conniemaisi ´s page – still one of my very favorite accounts. She is the absolute (N)IceCream Queen 😀 She was one of my first inspirations on Instagram and also motivated me to start my blog 😀 Well, it looked very yummy so I made my way to the kitchen and re-created her bowl …it was very good! 😀 I started to noticed a lot pages and began to create my own simple recipes 😀

Lately I realized that I had created many tastes of (N)IceCream so far 😛 soooo, I came to the result that I want to create this blog post including all of them so that it´s easier to find them 😀 I will also update this post every now and then to keep you all informed 😀

Persimmon // Khaki


  1. Basic (N)IceCream
  2. Dessert-Style Creations
  3. Verrry-Berry Creations
  4. Fresh n Fruity Creations
  5. Nutty Creations
  6. Specials

Basic NanaIceCream


  • Frozen bananas // Gefrorene Bananen
  • A bit water, dairy free milk or yogurt (Optional) // Ein bisschen Wasser, Pflanzenmilch oder Jogurt (Optional)

+ …

Mix the ingredients and blend until creamy! Serve with topping and enjoy! // Einfach alle Zutaten in den Mixer und cremig mixen!



Bounty Bar Coconut
  • Bounty Bar Coconut (N)IceCream (with coconut flakes, vanilla, almond/coconut milk and chocolate syrup, raw cacao powder/grated chocolate and coconut flakes on top // mit Kokosflocken, Vanille, Mandel-/Kokosmilch und Schokosirup, Rohkakao/Geriebene Schokolade und Kokosflocken als Garnitur)
  • Caramel (N)IceCream (with pitted dates, Maca powder and cinnamon // mit entkernten Datteln, Macapulver und Zimt)
  • Cardamom (N)IceCream (with cardamom as needed // mit Kardamom nach Belieben)
  • Cinnamon (N)IceCream (with cinnamon as needed // mit Zimt nach Belieben)
  • Chocolate (N)IceCream (with raw cacao powder and carob powder as needed // mit Rohkako- und Karobpulver nach Belieben)
  • Coconut (N)IceCream
  • Coffee (N)IceCream (1 tbs coffee powder, 1 tsp cinnamon (optional)



Blackberry (N)IceCream (with blackberries)

Blueberry (N)IceCream (

Raspberry (N)IceCream

Strawberry (N)IceCream

Wild Berry (N)IceCream



  • Apple (Cinnamon) (N)IceCream
  • Apple (Mint) (N)IceCream
Apple Mint (N)IceCream (on top) served together with Mango & Avocado Lime (N)IceCream
Apple Mint (N)IceCream (on top) served together with Mango & Avocado Lime (N)IceCream
  • Apricot (N)IceCream
  • Cherry (N)IceCream
  • Kiwi (N)IceCream
  • Mango (N)IceCream
  • Melon: Cantaloupe Melon (N)IceCream
  • Melon: Galia Melon (N)IceCream
  • Honeydew Melon (N)IceCream
  • Melon: Piel De Sapo Melon (N)IceCream
  • Watermelon (N)IceCream


  • Orange (N)IceCream 
  • Papaya (N)IceCream
  • Peach (N)IceCream
  • Persimmon (N)IceCream
  • Pineapple (Coconut) (N)IceCream
  • Tangerine (N)IceCream


Almond (N)IceCream

Pistachio (N)IceCream


  • Avocado (Lime) (N)IceCream
  • Barley Grass (N)IceCream
  • (Black) Sesame (Matcha) (N)IceCream
  • Cucumber (N)IceCream
  • Matcha (N)IceCream
  • Matcha Mint (N)IceCream (inspired by @naturalnomad)
  • Red Beet (N)IceCream 
  • Red Velvet (N)IceCream  (inspired by @naturalnomad) (1/3 cup red beet juice, 1-2 tsp red beet powder, 1 tbs raw cacao powder, 1 tsp vanilla extract)
Red Velvet

(Edited November 2016)



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