Pancake Debut in VieCity :D Almond Nana Pancakes


It´s Sunday and it´s a sunny one !!!!! How are you guys? I’m feeling pretty fine sitting at the breakfast table, writing on my blog and I´m ready to enjoy my day. 😀 Actually I thought I had it all about my almond pancakes but NO, there’s still a lot for me to try out with fruits and stuff 😉 btw it’s a special #PancakeSunday today = It´s my debut in Vienna 😀 and everything went well though I’m not that used to prepare my food at another kitchen 😛 ruled it 😀 as you can see 😉 having my all-time #vegan ALMOND NANA PANCAKES on this sunny Sunday morning! It really reflects how I feel today – amazing and full of energy 😉 the recipe is easy! I used my recipe for simple Almond Pancakes and added some mashed nana into the dough 😀 that´s it 😀 So if you want to prepare them, follow the link for basic recipe in the bottom 😀 and add the nana mash 😉 Have a lovely day !



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